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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2
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Guild Wars 2

After the Success of Guild Wars, Developer ArenaNet announced a higher target, make Guild Wars 2 the best Mmorpg of all time. With new graphics, a new world and positive features from Guild Wars like the abandonmet of subscription fees, could this be possible.

Guild Wars 2 convinces with new Races and Professions. In Guild Wars 2 are besides the mystical scientists Asura and the noble plant beings Sylvari 3 other new races available. Guild Wars 2 keeps the successful Guild Wars professions like Warrior and Necromancer and adds new ones like the Engineer and Thief to offer a wide range of different professions.

Bigger fights and scenarios are the main goal of Guild Wars 2. The Game introduces besides the Player vs Player fights also new World vs Worls fights. Hundreds of players are fighting against each other in these battles. This will bring the player a whole new feeling.

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