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Our Loyalty discount program is for everybody, it's very easy for new customers to receive with a relatively small amount a big discount. The discounts include all products in the shop. You can check your actual status in your account menu.

Only successfully completed orders that are not older than 365 days are counted.

Our loyalty program has the following classifications:



  1. Customer Max Mustermann bought successfully goods for 20 Euro on 01.01.2011. He will get no discount for his next order.
  2. Max Mustermann purchased again goods for 50 Euro on 10.01.2011. Both orders are within 365 days and over 50 Euro, he will get a 2,5% discount for his next order.
  3. Max Mustermann is happy about our service and purchases more goods, this time for 500 Euro on 20.02.2011. He paid only 487,50 Euro due to his discount of 2,5%. Max reaches because of his purchase value of 557,50 Euro discount level 2 and gets on his next order a 5% discount.
  4. He wants to order again on 18.05.2012. But unfortunately his first 2 orders are older than 365 days. He gets no discount because his last order was on 20.02.2011 and is older than 365 days.
  5. Max reaches after some payments an amount of 2500 Euro. He will get now for every order a discount of 10%, completely independent from the 365 days period.