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Mediation Process

  1. Grand4You acts as mediator for various selected sellers. The sellers offer goods in form of electronic services.
  2. The best buying opportunities of the sellers are presented on
  3. The buyer informs Grand4You of his desired product by placing an order.
  4. The buyer pays the order and the payment goes, based on the selected payment method, to Cash Run GmbH or Grand4You.
  5. Based on the selected payment method, Cash Run GmbH informs Grand4You upon receipt of the money.
  6. Grand4You forwards the customer's wish to the sellers.
  7. The sellers deliver the goods to the customer, while Grand4You is available for questions concerning the process.
  8. Cash Run pays Grand4You the received money and Grand4You forwards a part of the sum to the sellers.

Cash Run GmbH

Cash Run GmbH, located in Switzerland, receives the payment from selected payment methods and keeps it safe until the order is completed. The payment will be forwarded to Grand4You and part of the money paid out to the sellers.


We can split an order into smaller amounts and forward them to different suppliers to give you the best delivery times.

Terms and Conditions

Standard terms and conditions apply concerning orders.

Withdrawal of an order

Orders can be cancelled if not already partly or fully delivered. Please contact our support team regarding cancellation of an order.


Grand4You and Cash Run GmbH cannot be held responsible for any losses that were caused by the game producer. In this case, the customer must contact the game producer directly.


If, for some reason, we're unable to find a seller quickly enough for you, you always have the option to cancel the order and get a refund from Cash Run GmbH or Grand4You. Otherwise, we will continue to search for a seller.

Quality Inspection

Grand4You regularly checks deliveries to insure that all orders are completed.

Customer and Account Information

All customer and account informations are highly secured and will never be given to any seller.

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